Branch of knowledge - 22 «Health care»

Specialty - 222 «Medicine»

Educational program - «Medicine»

Second educational level - «Master»

Full-time education

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In 2017 ESC "Institute of Biology and Medicine" of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv opened recruitment of students for the educational program «Medicine».

The revival of university medical education became the milestone in modern history of the University.

Proper staffing and quality training of medical personnel is considered by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to be the one of the most important resources for successful implementation of the medical reform. Systemic changes in family medicine require a new generation of well-qualified and versatile doctors and nurses which puts a great responsibility on higher medical school.

Ukrainian medical market is developing very rapidly due to implementation of state health care programs. Thereby, provision of high-quality medical services becomes a matter of great importance. Therefore, the demand for specialists in this industry has great prospects for growth.
ESC "Institute of Biology and Medicine" successfully continues the traditions of almost two hundred year history of the University by combining the biological faculty of the University and a number of research institutions.

Our Institute has a powerful laboratory base. Our experimental and scientific base considered to be the best among the institutions of higher education of Ukraine. We are equipped with highly skilled personnel for training highly skilled specialists.
ESC "Institute of Biology and Medicine" cooperates actively with scientific centers of more than 30 countries including USA, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, etc. Our partners on the field of educational and scientific activity: National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation, National Research and Development Center Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, "Scientific and Practical Center of Prophylactic and Clinical Medicine", "CSD Health Care" and a number of other institutions.

The evidences of a high quality education in our university are:
1) Top places among Ukrainian higher education institutions:
- 411-420 place in QS World University Rankings;
- 800+ segment according to the Times Higher Education;
- 1 place among all universities of Ukraine according Webometrics web presence rating;
- HeadHunter puts us on the first place in the ranking of employers of Ukraine;
2) The indicators of publication activity are the best among Ukrainian universities:
-15441 publications and 57459 citations at Scopus, and the H-index equal to 83;
3) Wide range of educational services;
4) The largest volumes of scientific research among Ukrainian universities.

ESC "Institute of Biology and Medicine" makes a significant contribution to the joint university achievement, which guarantees that our students receive high-quality higher education recognized by employers all over the world and which makes our graduates become competitive in the labor market.


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