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Classic university education, valuable practical skills, scientific world outlook, which was formed in the university, the ability to organize your professional activities and to use theoretical knowledge as applied to practice allows the graduates of the Institute to develop their leadership qualities and successfully manage their professional activities in academic, healthcare and administrative organizations both in Ukraine and abroad.

Professional activity of a large number of graduates is linked to their work at various institutions of biological, medical, ecological and biotechnological profiles, as well as at the government bodies and relevant Ministries.

For those who have a preference to research activities, careers are possible at the scientific subdivisions of the world’s top universities, and in the leading research laboratories of the world.

Several conferences take place at the Institute each year, which allow to demonstrate your achievements at the All-Ukrainian and International levels, to get valuable experience and skills in presenting your results, to travel and meet your future fellow scientists, to make new friends, to share knowledge and experience. Visiting conferences can greatly facilitate your employment opportunities both abroad and in Ukraine.

Student’s practice is a very important part of your studies, especially for students specializing in «Medicine». During the practice students will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work of the best Ukrainian medical institutions, to use state-of-the-art modern equipment and to learn how to use their theoretical knowledge in work settings. During practical classes students will be able to see qualified doctors at work, to learn from their experience and to further develop their own practical skills.

Externship by specialization will take place in:

- Clinical and diagnostic laboratories
- Laboratories of clinical biochemistry
- Bacteriological laboratories
- Sanitary and hygienic laboratories
- Pharmaceutical production
- Clinics of aesthetic medicine
- Hospitals of different profiles

Prospects for employment

After the completion of the educational program and receiving a Master degree in «Medicine» (professional qualification 2221.2 Doctor of Medicine) the graduate will be able to manage professional work as: doctor-intern; doctor-trainee; doctor-resident.

For further professional training, the graduate will have to enroll into one of the programs of postgraduate education (internship, residency), which are designed for further training of medics in a particular specialization.






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