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Dear students!

The information about attending classes at the Department of Surgery. All students should attend online classes (lectures and practical exercises) in video mode. The teacher must see the faces. Otherwise, the presence is not counted.

Here there is the list of all topics on obstetrics and gynecology

Thematic plan of lectures and practical classes

To the attention of the students who have to pass the KROK-1 (STEP-1) test!

In order to help you to prepare for an actual test that will be held on the 20-21 October 2020, we will run a series of online KROK-simulating tests.

To join the test, you should follow the link, and use your previously obtained ID and password.

The tests will be held on the following dates: 08 September 2020; 10 September 2020; 15 September 2020; 17 September 2020; 21 September 2020; 23 September 2020; 27 September 2020; 29 September 2020.

Are you learning Ukrainian? Do you want to make friends/ connections? Do you have free time on Monday or Thursday? If you answered yes to any or all of the above then this event is for you!

Latest update: 15 September 2018

The List of the 2nd Course Students

Latest update: 05 September 2018

The List of the 1st Course Students. Specialization: Medicine

Наші контакти

Ми знаходимось за адресою:
Україна, 03022, м. Київ-022,
проспект Академіка Глушкова 2
Станція метро Виставковий центр

Приймальня директора:
Кімната №307
E-mail: biomed@knu.ua
Телефон/Факс: +38044 521-35-98

Гаряча лінія:
E-mail: knu.ibm.questions@gmail.com
Telegram: http://surl.li/emhtd

Поштова та юридична адреса:
Україна, 01601, місто Київ-601,
вул. Володимирська, 64/13
ННЦ "Інститут біології та медицини"

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